Zinc Fidget Spinner Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

by Gadget World
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free carry case for gadget world high quality spinner

Made of high-quality Zinc-alloy material; with ultra-fast rotation and strong construction.

    zinc hand spinner by gadget world

    This Hand Spinner by Gadget World was manufactured using Zinc material and it weighs about 50g, it feels great in the hands, corrosion resistant and durable.

    zinc hand spinner by gadget world

    Using high performance high quality hybrid ceramic bearing type Si3N4, spin time can go 4-6 minutes. (Note: Spin time varies depending on strength used to spin).

    zinc hand spinner by gadget world

    Removable central holding cap. Ergonomic curved caps designed for comfort and long term usage, elegant and easy to carry.

    zinc hand spinner by gadget world

    Great for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake, also effective for focus and deep thought.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly with small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.

    Impact or fall may cause damage! Keep out of reach of children.

    Color: As per pictures shown
    Diameter: 2.3inches (5.7CM)
    Thickness: 0.62inches (1.6CM)
    Weight: Approx 66g (2.3ounce)
    Material: Zinc Alloy
    Bearing type: 608 hybrid ceramic bearing

    Dose it shake when it is spinning?
    There is a characteristic feeling to this zinc spinner, it will have a slight shaking when you spin it.


    Why the rainbow color is not consistent?
    This is a normal processing for the rainbow color, each spinner is unique.

    Can I use the spinner without the center caps?
    Avoid removing the center caps because the ceramic balls may fall out and the center bearing may get dirty and may come off.

    Does it make noise when spinning?
    It does not make a lot of noise. If you hold the spinner and move it around obviously it will make noise, it depends on how you use it, and also it depends on how old the spinner is and how clean it is.

    How do I take care of my spinner?

    • We offer a free carry case with the zinc spinner so you can safely store it inside the case. 
    • Keep the spinner away from water and away from fire. 
    • If you are using it normally it will last longer, if you are rough it may break.


    Can I add oil to the center bearing? Is it going to improve it?
    This is one of the most common questions, you can make your fidget spinner quiet by adding a drop of all purpose machine oil. You can find machine oil in the sewing machine aisle at your local store. Take the center caps off of the bearing. Use one small drop of machine oil on one of the balls in the bearing. Spin the bearing to get the oil on all of the balls in the bearing. Put the center caps back on and spin away. Note that putting oil in your bearing will reduce your spin time but will make it quieter. Dry bearings allow for longer spin times, oiled bearings create quieter spins. 

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    التصميم و اللون رائع

    جميل ما شاء الله اللون الرينبو و الأسود الماتي

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    Amazingly Fun

    These spinners are better than the previous ones we bought. Best part is they haven't come undone and they have been spun and played with a lot. Great quality.

    Hi Margaret,the team here at Gadget World is thrilled to hear such good feedback, thanks for leaving a review!