10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet With Lock Screen

Dhs. 85.00

New and improved portable 10" LCD digital hand writing pad with electronic pen stylus. A board for writing or drawing saves the trees and the environment. Easily erase at a push of a button, new feature to lock the content, comes with replaceable battery.

XSCAPE 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet With Lock Screen

XSCAPE 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet With Lock Screen

XSCAPE 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet With Lock Screen

XSCAPE 10 Inches LCD Writing Tablet With Lock Screen

    When to use it?
    • Office: Scheduling tasks, notes taking and memos, messages, activities, explaining with drawing, etc...
    • Home: Family messages, notes, memos, helping children study, food menu listing, personal notes, todo lists, etc...
    • School teaching: copybooks painting, writing, painting, calculus mathematics, memorizing words, etc...
    • Artist: Sketch ideas, memories inspiration, draw illustrations, etc...
    • Lawyer: Secret meetings to facilitate participation, communication with litigants and discuss countermeasures, etc...
    • Nurse: Patient record and analyze the situation, it can also be used to remind patients and a message, etc...
    • News media people: keep recording happenings around us.
    • Professionals: Rough sketching.
    • Dimension: 166x255x9.5mm (10")
    • Weight: 192g
    • Material: LCD, ABS
    • Battery: Button cell battery CR2025

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    It is a great gift for kids!

    This LCD writing board is fun to write and draw. My kids use it all the time and really enjoys it. It is thin and lightweight as well, so it can be easily held by the kids. And build with the LCD screen, it is no radiation, no glare, all protect your eyes and safe, which is great for kids. It is convenient for taking down notes and doing quick math solving problems.

    Pretty cool idea and works well

    My children have enjoyed this writing tablet. You can make a quick note and erase it with the touch of a button, or leave it laying on the table until it is needed. Lock screen is an awesome feature. They are simple, but require the use of their imagination. The stylus writes smoothly and I don't have to worry about charging it or throwing out a bunch of wasted paper that have some scribble on it.

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